The Arevek solar power plant

03 Oct, 2017

The Arevek solar power plant has been constructed by Energy Invest Holding CJSC (EIH) –a member of the Tashir Group of Companies. The project has been financed with Company’s own funds. EIH does not consider this as an investment project—this is a pilot program which would enable assessing the selected equipment efficiency, comparing the area-specific solar irradiation-driven estimated and actual energy production, having a better understanding of underlying processes from the design through the construction and commissioning stages of the project, getting a better sense of peculiarities related to working with the suppliers of this particular industry, etc.

Arevek is the first utility scale solar power plant in its kind connected to the grid. With the installed capacity of 434.72 kW, Arevek’s estimated annual electricity generation is 571,000 kWh. The plant will be operating irrespective of the season and weather conditions. Taking into account the complex landscape of the plant’s area, an adjustable mounting structure has been specifically chosen for achieving a better efficiency via correct positioning of the solar panels strings. The plant is equipped with the German RECOM company’s produced monochristaline solar panels, ABB company’s produced inverters and monitoring system, other equipment produced by leading European companies, solar, data, and grounding cables, which allow achieving the highest productivity.

The company has specifically chosen a land for the project which is not suitable for agricultural, stock-breeding, and other purposes. The eco-friendly clean energy production is one of the important advantages of the plant.

Taking into account the acquired expertise of the Company along with technological advances in the industry and decrease of the equipment prices in the global market, EIH is planning building much bigger solar power plants, which entails making much higher investments.

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