First geothermal power plant to be constructed in Iran

22 Jan, 2024
Image: Tasnim

The first geothermal power plant in the Middle East with the generation capacity of five megawatts will be put into operation in Meshginshahr, Iran’s Ardabil province, in the near future. The power plant is under construction as a pilot project installed on a reservoir of geothermal energy.  

The construction operation of the geothermal power plant is ongoing with 93 percent physical progress, several wells, as deep as about 3,000 meters, have been drilled with the generation capacity of 30 megawatts of electricity. Five megawatts of that will be put into operation in the first phase.

Geothermal power refers to the use of underground hot steam to drive turbines which in turn generate electricity. It is cheaper and more reliable than other renewable energy sources, such as thermal or hydropower.

Source: Tasnim News Agency

Image: Tasnim

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