Every eighth inhabitant of the Earth was left without electricity

03 May, 2018

One billion people – or 13% of the world’s population – still live without electricity. Basically, it is the inhabitants of Black Africa and Asia, 87 percent of them live in rural areas. This is stated in The World Bank’s The Energy Progress Report.

In 2011, the United Nations (UN) jointly with The World Bank has set a goal to achieve a universal access to electricity by 2030 According to the forecasts of the study authors, this goal cannot be achieved at the current rates. “If this trend continues, 674 million people will continue to live without electricity by 2030 The world does not go towards global electrification”, — stated in the text.

The report still notes that there is some progress there: In the last few years, the electricity has appeared in the least developed countries; Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania every year increase the access to electricity of their population by three percent, the government of India annually provides electricity to 30 million of its citizens.

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