Corporate governance

Shareholders’ General Meeting

The Shareholders’ General Meeting is the supreme governing body of "Energy Invest Holding" CJSC.  Its jurisdiction is prescribed by the RA Law "On Joint Stock Companies" and the Charter of "Energy Invest Holding" CJSC.

Role of the Board

The Board of Directors delivers the overall management of the Holding’s activities. Our Board’s principal duty, collectively, is to promote the long-term success of the Holding by directing the management to create and deliver sustainable shareholder values. The Board does this by setting a strategy and overseeing its implementation by the management.

We are also mindful of our wider obligations and consider the impact of our decisions on the Holding’s various stakeholders, such as our employees, shareholders, partners, environment, and our community as a whole. In setting and monitoring the execution of our strategy, we aim to ensure that the management maintains an effective system of internal control so that our growth is delivered in a controlled and sustainable manner. 

The Board confirms that there is an ongoing process in place for identifying, evaluating, and managing the risks relating to social, environmental, and ethical matters. The Board develops policies and procedures, while the role of the management is to implement and ensure the compliance with the Board’s policies. 

Board members frequently conduct site visits and interact with the staff at all levels. This gives them an opportunity to see the culture and values of the organization in action. The Board consistently probes, questions, and explores the logic behind the management’s actions, both in formal board meetings and via informal interactions. 

The Chairman plays a key role by ensuring that all Board members have the opportunity to contribute fully to all Board discussions. This atmosphere enhances the Board’s overall effectiveness.

Director General

The Director General is the sole executive body in charge of managing the current activities of the Holding.

The Director General manages Holding’s current activities in accordance with the resolutions of the Shareholders’ General Meeting and the Board of Directors in accordance with the Company's Charter.

The Audit Commission

The Audit Commission is a permanent internal control body of the Holding, carrying out regular monitoring of financial and economic activities of the Holding, its separate subdivisions, officials of the management bodies and divisions of the Holding in terms of compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, the Holding’s Charter and internal documents of Holding.