Our Mission

To improve quality of life through sustainable development of energy systems by: Providing and developing additional sources of renewable energy. Contributing to energy security and reducing environmental burdens. Creating innovative solutions to address safety and efficiency of our power systems. Consistently increasing our shareholder value.

Our Vision

We aim to become a key player in the energy market; a dynamically growing company that is considered one of the largest among the major companies in the region. In 2020 the Holding would like to be recognised as a leader in the renewable energy market and an equal partner to the largest energy companies in the region. We will ensure sustainable revenue growth and significant increase in efficiency of our business.

Our Values

We strive for excellence in technological advances, ecological management and labour protection. Our shareholders' and partners' trust is earned based on our transparent, honest and objective approaches and focus. Integrity, respect, trust, and reliability make us a dream team, where each member is determined to be a socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible citizen and to make a positive change in society. 

The energy generating stations of Energy Invest Holding CJSC have supplied over 10% of electricity which has been consumed by Armenia’s local market in 2008-2020.

The Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant, which makes part of the Holding, has a status of a regulating (balancing) closing station in Armenia’s local market. The plant generates electricity for the domestic consumption only if there is an energy shortage in the country's energy system (mainly during Fall-Winter and when the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant is idle).


Share of useful supply of electric energy by «Energy Invest Holding» CJSC in overall useful supply of Armenian energy market (2008-2020)

Hrazdan TPP has a vital importance for exporting electricity from Armenia. Yearly export potential of the plant comprises over 4 billion kWh.

During 2008-2020, Hrazdan TPP has generated 7,279 million kWh of electricity, using natural gas as a primary fuel.

Hrazdan TPP can function both on natural gas and on black oil.


1140 МWt established capacity

Unique Engineering and Maintenance Workshop

First Solar Power Plant in the Region