Energy efficienty and conservation

We tirelessly work on developing and introducing energy efficient technologies. Our aim is to set up an effective environmental management system in line with the ISO 14001:2004 international standard.

Energy efficiency and conservation are often used together. Although these concepts are interconnected, there are still significant differences between them. Energy efficiency means gaining desired results with minimal use of energy, whereas conservation implies active efforts to decrease energy consumption or even have total abstinence from such use. Efficient use of energy often results in conserving energy. However, conserving energy does not yield to energy efficiency.

Activities towards increasing energy efficiency require technological progress and development. Energy conservation may be regarded as a virtue, and though it may be a viable concept, it cannot boost the power generation necessary for satisfaction of our needs. Thus, efficiency means progress, and its application can help us sustain our resources and finances.

Hence, increasing energy efficiency means we can reach our goal of energy conservation without having to compromise our desired results.