Our Assets

Hrazdan Power Plant

HrazTPP is the largest power generating plant both in Armenia and the region, with an installed capacity of 1110 MW. Initially, it was designed to address the energy needs not only of Armenia, but also of the whole South Caucasus region.Today, the Company meets over 10% of electricity demand in Armenia. Environmental management systems of electricity production in "HrazTPP" OJSC has been found to meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2004.

Engineering & Maintenance Workshop

The workshop was founded in 1978, and has mechanical, electro-technical and centralized repair units, cranes, state-of-the-art metal and electric labs and construction capacity.  The workshop is equipped with special equipment and machinery to deal with a wide range of HPP components repair and to provide qualified maintenance services.

ArevEk Solar Power Plant

The Arevek solar power plant with the installed capacity of 434,70 kW is the first utility scale solar power plant in its kind connected to the grid. The plant is equipped with monocrystalline solar panels produced by RECOM (Germany), inverters and monitoring system produced by ABB (Sweden), which allows to achieve the highest productivity.

The eco-friendly clean energy production is one of the important advantages of the plant.

Dzora Hydro Power Plant

Dzora Hydro Power Plant is located in the administrative territory of Dzoragetavan and Arevatsag communities of the Lori marz.  It was built on the Dzoraget river (length: 67 km) and has been operating since 1932.  Installed capacity: 26300 kW.

Shnogh Hydro Power Plant

The Shnogh HPP with an installed capacity of 76 MW will be built by way of deploying the modern tunnel boring machines and lining technologies and will be equipped with the state-of-the-art electromechanical and hydromechanical equipment.  The plant will use the hydro potential of the Debed and Marts rivers: The top-tier companies and specialists will be engaged for the design and construction of the Shnogh HPP. Both the construction process and subsequent operations will adhere to the highest international environmental norms and standards.

Kamsar Hotel Complex and Training Center

The vocational training center for preparing qualified engineers and mid-level technical personnel for the energy sector enterprises will be stationed in the hotel complex in Tsaghkadzor. The construction of the hotel complex is currently underway.

As a center of excellence in training, innovation, inquiry, and diversity that will contribute to further development of energy sector of Armenia through its well-tailored training programs, it will have a transformative impact on trainees’ intellectual capacities to successfully meet the challenges of a globalized world.