The Holding

Creative, dedicated, and qualified individuals are the main asset of our business, and the pivot on which we ensure our long-term growth and development. We succeeded in building a united team of dedicated professional engineers and energy-driven young financiers and lawyers. Our experienced, goal-oriented and committed team is the key to our success.  

Our unique professional team has high potential, team ideology and takes the initiative. They are prepared to face any challenges of technological advances and market exposure and implement efficient activities with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. This enables them to overcome all difficulties.

Quarterly KPI (key performance indicator) evaluation of every single team member helps us identify leaders and hence promote excellence. 

EIH lays special emphasis on effective technical skills, technological innovation and highly qualified engineers, with particular attention given to professional and personal development of its staff. Therefore, masterclasses and on-job training are organized every month. A series of training events are also organized jointly with the Energy Department of the Engineering University of Armenia.