BMW unveils the world's first all-electric armored sedan

13 Nov, 2023
Image: BMW Press

The two models developed on the basis of the new BMW 7 Series succeed in blending an unrivalled protection concept with outstanding levels of ride comfort and spaciousness, exceptionally advanced equipment features and the class-beating dynamic prowess for which the brand is renowned.

As the world’s first ever protection sedan with an all-electric drive system, the BMW i7 Protection is a genuine trailblazer. Driven by two powerful electric motors, it meets all the requirements of class VR9 protection without any limitations, as does the new combustion-engine BMW 7 Series Protection.

The first all-electric model in its protection category and offered exclusively in Europe, the BMW i7 Protection demonstrates how outstanding qualities in terms of security level, driving dynamics, ride comfort and interior comfort are perfectly compatible with a rigorous focus on sustainability. Its arrival sees the BMW Group once again acting as a pioneer in the field of locally emission-free mobility for individuals requiring special protection.

Source: BMW Press

Image: BMW Press

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