A new technique to get the right angular-tilt

18 Feb, 2020

A researcher from the University of New York, Christian Stefano Schuster, is proposing a new technique to calculate the optimum angular-tilt of PV panels for a planar surface at a specific site.

The new approach is based on multiple, freely accessible satellite-retrieved data products, which can track total all-sky insolation levels with a minutely changing global solar spectrum over many years.

Schuster stressed that for getting the right angular tilt installers should consider not only a site’s geographical altitude, latitude and longitude, but also earth’s rotation, obliquity, orbital eccentricity and revolution around the sun.

He also said that recurring temperature extremes, higher atmospheric pollution levels, intensified water crisis and disastrous river dynamic may also have consequences for the solar spectrum and zonal albedo.

Source: pv-magazine.com


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