World's first floating city in South Korea is designed to adapt to rising sea levels

27 Nov, 2023
Image: CNBC

The idea of a floating city may sound like a concept from the latest science fiction blockbuster, but it's set to become a reality in Busan, South Korea, where scientists backed by the UN are building the world's first prototype floating city.

The project, called OCEANIX, was announced last year, but new design images have now been unveiled.

They show how interconnected platforms will cover a total of 15.5 acres, with enough space to accommodate 12,000 people.

Construction of the floating city is estimated to cost $200 billion, and is due to be completed by 2025. 

'We are on track to delivering OCEANIX Busan and demonstrating that floating infrastructure can create new land for coastal cities looking for sustainable ways to expand onto the ocean, while adapting to sea level rise,' said Philipp Hofmann, CEO of OCEANIX.

The project aims to help people living in coastal areas, whose communities are at risk of being wiped out amid rising sea levels.

According to OCEANIX, two in five people around the world live within 100 kilometres of the coast, with flooding already forcing millions of people to leave their homes.

'We believe OCEANIX's floating platforms can be developed at scale to serve as the foundations for future resilient communities in the most vulnerable coastal locations on the frontlines of climate change.'

All built structures in the city will be kept below seven stories to create a low centre of gravity and resist wind, according to Oceanix. 

Source: Daily Mail

Image: CNBC

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