China powers up hydrogen rail plans with locomotive conversion

28 Aug, 2023
Image: Weibo/SCMP

China has built what it says is the world’s most powerful hydrogen-powered locomotive, rolling stock that state media suggests has potential to replace most fossil fuel engines in service.

The “Ningdong”, China’s first hydrogen locomotive converted from an internal combustion engine, rolled off the line at the Datong subsidiary of state-owned manufacturer China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC).

Liang Zhenzhong, deputy general manager and chief engineer of CRRC Datong, said the hydrogen-powered locomotive could run continuously for up to 190 hours.

Liang told Science and Technology Daily that the locomotive had a hydrogen storage system that could be refuelled in two hours and was cheaper to operate.

“Hydrogen is a clean, renewable energy. The operating costs of hydrogen-powered locomotives are about half those of internal combustion ones,” he was quoted as saying.

Hydrogen holds huge potential in reducing emissions because, unlike fossil fuels, it does not produce harmful pollutants or greenhouse gases. The only by-products of hydrogen-powered vehicles are heat and water.

Source: South China Morning Post

Image: Weibo/SCMP

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