Giant Chinese drone-carrying AI ship enters service as research vessel

13 Mar, 2023
Image: CCTV/

China’s first giant-AI controlled research drone carrier officially entered service. The Zhuhaiyun research vessel can navigate autonomously in open water or be operated by remote control.

It can carry and operate dozens of unmanned aerial, surface and underwater vehicles simultaneously to monitor its surroundings and produce a data hub.

The Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory, which owns and operates the vessel, conducted a sea trial on Thursday and tested the vessel’s autonomous navigation capabilities including the release and recovery of drones.

“We have tested the boat in unmanned operation for 12 consecutive hours. It was proven to be able to avoid obstacles and plan its own path, and it has fully met our original design goals,” Chen Dake, the head of the laboratory and a member of the Chinese Academy of Science, told.

With a length of 88.5 metres, width of 14 metres and a displacement of 2,100 tonnes, Zhuhaiyun is larger than the Chinese navy’s Type 056 frigate, enabling it to carry a significant amount of equipment.

Source: South Chinа Morning Post

Image: CCTV/

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