SolarOn: The first solar panels manufacturing factory has been launched in Armenia

07 Jul, 2017

The official opening of SolarOn, the first solar panels producing factory in Armenia, took place on June 29 in Yerevan. The company has been operating in test mode since this spring and has already implemented a number of projects for installation of solar power stations for industrial and residential areas. A mini solar system was installed even in the center of Yerevan, on the roof of a residential high-rise building.

Armenia's solar potential, according to NASA’s data, is one of the highest in the region and reaches 1760-1800 kWh/m² annually. Such conditions are sufficient to ensure a high level of solar energy production and the recovery of solar station installation costs in 5-7 years. Thus, considering a 30-year economic life of solar panels, the owner of the mini-station will not pay for the used electricity for almost 25 years.

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