The first vertical greenhouse in Sweden will be able to feed 5500 people a year

19 Apr, 2018

A vertical urban greenhouse will be built in an office building, which will be situated between a biogas plant and a waste-to-energy plant in Sweden.

A 59-meter high office building will have a vertical greenhouse on one of its sides. The building will be erected in the city of Linkoping located at a two-hour driving distance from Stockholm.

As promised by the designers, the greenhouse will be capable of producing almost 500,000 kg of harvest per year. This quantity is sufficient for providing plant products for 5,500 people during the year.

The location of the building with a vertical greenhouse is not coincidental. It is being built between such facilities as the biogas plant and waste-to-energy plant.

A biogas plant treats waste from homes and buildings in that district, producing CO2 and nutrients intended to be used for the greenhouse operation. The organic waste, generated by the greenhouse, will be sent to a biogas plant for recycling.

The waste-to-energy plant, which generates electricity from waste, will supply electrical energy to the greenhouse. The excess heat, which the greenhouse gets, will be redirected for heating the offices on the other side of the building.

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