World's first tractor powered by DUNG is unveiled

17 Apr, 2023
Image: The Sun/ SWNS

A British company has developed the first tractor in the world to be completely powered by cow dung. 

The liquid methane gas-powered T7 vehicle is said to be first of its kind and could mark a turning point in efficient energy supply on UK farms.

The pioneering 270bhp tractor runs on fuel captured from farmyard manure and is said to match the performance of standard diesel-powered versions.

It works by collecting waste by-products from a herd as small as 100 cows into a biomethane storage unit based on the farm.

The gas - known as fugitive methane - is then treated, compressed and turned into the low emission fuel.

A cryogenic tank fitted on the tractor keeps the methane in liquid form at -162 degrees giving the vehicle as much power as a diesel but with significant emission savings.

The groundbreaking machine was developed by Cornish company Bennamann, which has been researching and developing biomethane production for over a decade.

Source: Daily Mail

Image: The Sun/ SWNS

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