Those willing to build solar plant plants will arrive in Armenia

24 Jan, 2017

An investment conference on solar energy will be held in Armenia, the Deputy Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural resources Hayk Harutyunyan stated during the January 23 press-conference.

Representatives of more than 30 foreign companies, totaling 300 participants will gather on the January 25-26 conference for presenting their investment proposals. A land near the Masrik village in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia would be the first investment lot. The tender for construction of a 50 MW station will be announced. The company which offers the lowest tariff and modern technologies will get the right to build.

Setting the solar energy tariffs via tenders has recently became a worldwide trend. For example, a tariff of 2.4 cents per kilowatt-hour was received at the last tender held in Dubai. This tariff is almost commensurate with that of traditional energy sources. For comparison, the tariff of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant is 1.4 cents. “Of course, the conditions in Dubai differ from Armenia, but we still hope to receive a low tariff,” said the Deputy Minister.

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