The thermal energy sources are being searched in the mountains of Armenia

06 Dec, 2016

Armenian experts continue to search the alternative sources of energy in the mountains.  Armenia will become the first and only country in the region so far which will produce geothermal energy, should the explorers’ positive predictions come true.

The source of geothermal energy is being searched in the southern part of Armenia, Deputy Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of Armenia Hayk Harutyunyan has informed Sputnik Armenia.

The experts drilled a second well at the altitude of 3,100 meters above the sea level in the mountains of Syunik, in Karkar area.

“As of yesterday, we have reached a depth of 1,675 meters. The water loss is 100% at this level, and we assume that we reached the thermal source pocket”, said Deputy Minister about exploration works.

According to Harutyunyan, exploration results, which were carried out in the first and in the second wells, allow us to speak about the possibility of having a geothermal power station in the mountains of Syunik.  Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source which allows to convert the energy of thermal sources into electricity.  Armenia will become the first and the only country in the region so far which will produce geothermal energy, if all predicted results are confirmed.

“The invited experts-testers carry out the works on the site and will present the results till the end of this year.  The possibility raises day by day.  I don’t want to give a 100% guarantee, but it appears that we have the resource.  We will build the geothermal power station should we not face other technical issues”, said Deputy Minister.

Let us note that drilling and exploration works have begun back in Summer.  The depth of the first well is 1,500 meters. The depth of the second should reach 2,000 meters.  The works in this high-elevation mountainous areas continue even today, even though the temperature at nights reaches minus 30 Degrees as per the Centigrade scale.

Geological investigations are being co-financed by the Climate Investment Fund and the Government of Armenia.  If the program is successful, an international tender for the construction of a geothermal power station will be announced.

“The proposed tariff will be the main subject of the tender.  The right to build and exploit the station will be given to the entity which offers the lowest price”, said Harutyunyan, adding that the construction works will cost around 100 million US dollars.  The capacity of the geothermal power station is estimated to be 30 MW.

Let us note that besides Karkar, there are potential geothermal energy sources also in Jermaghbyur, Gridzor and on the Armenian-Georgian border.  Though, it is premature yet to speak about explorations in these areas.

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