Record: installed in Chihuahua 18,990 solar panels in a day!

21 Aug, 2018

"Mexico achieved a new world record: The largest number of solar panels installed in a single day," the WEF described in the video it posted on its social networks.

He adds that "they are building one of the largest solar parks in Latin America," while exhibiting images of the Italian company Enel Green Power.

This solar park "measures what 2 thousand 200 football fields" and "will eventually have more than 2 million solar panels" that seek the sun as if they were sunflowers, to absorb more energy.

"This park is being built in the Chihuahua desert, in northern Mexico," the organization continues, specifying that it will end at the end of this year and will power 1.3 million homes.

Enel thus achieved the record of the most panels installed in a single day, while Mexico is approaching the goal of having by 2024 35% of the energy coming from renewable sources.

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