5 ways to live greener in 2021

26 Mar, 2021

Photo: Deutsche Welle

Lately, more and more people have made the swap to ‘go green’. If more people made the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle, it would impact the environment for generations. In fact, we’ve even seen evidence of the impact on the environment from people changing their habits this year.

Travel responsibly

Walking or cycling from A to B is one the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint — while also giving your own health a boost! And cutting back on flying to save emissions doesn't mean you have to forgo your annual holiday either. Simply hop on the train to your next destination, pack up the caravan for a road trip or even opt for a carbon-offset adventure!

Eat less red meat

Meat and dairy are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture industry. Thus, consuming less meat would be a positive contribution in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While some opt to drastically change their diets to a vegan one, simply reducing your intake of meat can already have a big impact.

Cut back on food waste

Did you know almost a third of all food produced every year is lost or wasted? You can help reduce this figure by wasting as little of your own food as possible: Eat the leftovers, get creative with any extra ingredients and start a compost pile in your backyard with remaining scraps.

Grow your own food

A great way to reduce your food costs and be more eco-friendly is to grow your own garden. Try herbs, berries, or tomatoes to start.

Buy recyclable clothes

The damaging effects that producing clothes has on the environment are pretty significant. Fast Fashion is mostly to blame, as the clothes that fall into this category are produced in massive quantities. These quantities are produced only to be disposed of in billions, which can take up to 200 years to decompose for certain synthetic fibers.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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