Canada to link huge green hydrogen plant to hydropower

27 Feb, 2021


German industrial conglomerate Thyssenkrupp’s Green Hydrogen division has won an order to install an 88MW electrolysis plant for Canadian energy group Hydro-Québec.

The electrolysis plant is slated to be commissioned in late 2023 in Varennes, in the province of Quebec, and will be one of the world’s largest production facilities for green hydrogen produced from renewable power, with an expected annual output of more than 11,000 tonnes of H2.

Linking electrolysis to hydropower could be particularly efficient, because green hydrogen is cheaper to produce when electrolysers are working around the clock.

Both the hydrogen and the oxygen, a by-product of the electrolysis process, will be used in a biofuel plant to produce biofuels from residual waste for the transportation sector.


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