Vietnam confirms 20-year tariff for rooftop PV will remain unchanged

18 Mar, 2020


The generous tariff is considered crucial by the Vietnamese government to maintain high levels of development in the rooftop segment until 2021.
Vietnam’s state-owned utility operator has confirmed that it will maintain the 20-year feed-in tariff (FIT) for rooftop PV installations not exceeding 100 kW in size at the rate of $0.0935/kWh until 2021.
The decision to leave the current tariff unchanged was suggested by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), which said it is crucial to maintain high levels of solar energy deployment in the residential and commercial segments. Prior to this decision, a lowered tariff of $0.0838/kWh had been proposed.
The government has also asked the power utility to be responsible for connecting the new rooftop PV systems in compliance with current rules and without creating grid constraints for the network.
The Southeast Asian nation wants to increase the share of renewable power resources to 7% of its national energy mix next year and to 10% in 2030, up from around 4% last year.



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