Daimler Signs Corporate Renewables Deal Covering All of Its German Power Needs in Real Time

03 Mar, 2020
Statkraft and Enovo will power Daimler's German operations with 100 percent renewables. (Credit: Daimler)

Norwegian power firm Statkraft has secured a power-purchase agreement with Mercedes' parent company Daimler, covering all the firm’s electricity demand in its native Germany.

The deal is a 100 percent renewable power-purchase agreement that will match supply with Daimler’s demand in real time. That means taking advantage of Statkraft’s vast hydropower capacity to fill in any lulls in solar and wind availability.

Details of pricing and even the total scale of the PPA have not been revealed. New-build solar projects will be developed to feed Daimler locations across Germany.

Source: greentechmedia.com

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