Electricity and gas prices can be reduced due to gas prices’ reduction on border

17 Oct, 2016

The prices of electricity and gas might be reduced because of the reduction of gas prices on the border, told the Chairman of Public Services’ Regulatory Commission Robert Nazaryan to the NEWS.am.

" We will try to resolve the issue to the extent, the prices drop. We defined our approaches from legal and economic viewpoints and now are waiting for negotiations of the Armenian and Russian parties, to be able to find a solution to that issue. If we reduce the price, it should not be done by placing others in a bad situation. At least, the prices should remain unchanged. However, in this case we would need an additional financial source, "he said.

Robert Nazaryan said that the recommendation of the Prime Minister to revise prices of gas and electricity does not apply to all residents, but rather is a stimulation for social and agricultural sectors. He stressed that this reduction has nothing to do with privileges the government provides to the socially vulnerable groups.

Robert Nazaryan notes that the decision on tariffs will not come into force in earlier than six months, because of the law “On Energetics.”

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