We Need to Develop Alternative Energy Sources in Armenia

30 Aug, 2016

Alternative energy sources like solar and wind power need to be developed in Armenia, Mikhail Martirosyan, Manager of the Techno Eco Ltd, told journalists. Wind power stations are operating only in five of Armenia’s regions.

“Society is now thinking of whether the energy sources we are using now have prospects. First of all, we need to develop solar power. In Armenia we can get much more energy than western countries do,” he said. Yerevan Institute of Physics is producing solar collector and sales have totaled AMD 10m.

Armen Poghosyan, Chairman of Consumers’ Union of Armenia, said that alternative energy is much more expensive. At present, Armenia’s energy users pay AMD 30 per kW*h, but alternative energy will cost AMD 100 per kW*h.
Poghosyan stressed the importance of developing alternative energy sources

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