July 29 was Earth Overshoot Day

14 Aug, 2019

It was the day that researchers have marked as the moment humanity has used up its annual limit of the planet's natural resources. Therefore, now the world is borrowing these resources from future yearly ecological budgets.

A basic knowledge of accounting here demonstrates that an annual spending total that amounts to more than what is being renewed does not point to a sustainable future on planet Earth.

Last year, Overshoot Day was recorded on August 1, while in 1999 this date was recorded in October, more than two months later.

Breaking this down further, researchers found that if the entire world's population lived a lifestyle like those in the US, we would need the resources of five planet Earths.

Several European countries also find themselves high in this list, with Russia topping it for the continent, and Germany and Switzerland following in second and third places respectively.


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