Energy Sector: Opportunities for Armenian-Iranian Cooperation Discussed in Yerevan

17 Aug, 2016

Experts in Iranian studies who spoke at a forum themed “An Armenian-Iranian economic relations amid regional economic developments” noted that Armenia has been afforded ample opportunities.

The question is how Armenia is going to take advantage of them. Foreign countries have always had problems in exporting their products to Iran, they said. Active discussions on the formation of a free trade zone have taken place.

Atom Margaryan, Dean of the Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations, said that both Iran’s neighbors and developed countries are holding great expectations about Iran. On the other hand, it is too early to speak of them being realized.

“For decades Iran has been building up high-level economy, with access to its market being most difficult. But if we look through statistical data, we can see a three-fold increase in Armenian exports to Iran this January. We have opportunities for industrial, energy and scientific cooperation,” Mr Margaryan said.

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