“There is a vital need to change the way we use energy”

29 Apr, 2019


There is a “vital need” to change the way energy is used, created, transported and stored. That’s the verdict reached in a new report from Energy UK, which says the entire sector must be transformed the use of next-generation technologies.

It says local partnerships must be empowered to deliver a mix of potential low carbon heating solutions suited to their communities and businesses and also emphasizes that flexibility technologies must be considered as a cheaper alternative to reinforcing the network with traditional power infrastructure.

Energy UK believes all low carbon technologies must be given an equal footing to continue to drive costs down for consumers and stresses a stable policy framework is needed to give investors the confidence to fund the investment required.

Lawrence Slade, Energy UK’s CEO said: “We can deliver enormous benefits to customers, the environment, and the economy – but as recent protests, along with warnings from expert bodies, have highlighted, urgent action is required if we are to continue meeting our climate change commitments.”

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