'World’s first mass-produced' humanoid robot to tackle labour shortages amid ageing population

11 Sep, 2023
Image: Roselyne Min/AP, Reuters

In China, the number of people aged 60 and over will rise from 280 million to more than 400 million by 2035, the country’s National Health Commission estimates.

To respond to the rising demand for medical services amid labour shortages and the ageing population, a Shanghai-based firm, Fourier Intelligence, is developing a humanoid robot that can be deployed in healthcare facilities.

Standing 1.64 m tall and weighing 55 kg, GR-1 can walk, avoid obstacles and perform simple tasks like holding bottles.Once completed, the GR-1 will be able to carry patients from the bed to wheelchairs and help pick up objects.

The company has developed technology for rehabilitation and exoskeletons and says that the patients are already familiar with using parts of robotics to, for example, support the arms and legs in physical therapy.

Source: Euronews

Image: Roselyne Min/AP, Reuters

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