The underwater mechanical butterfly-generator with a capacity of 10 MW will be developed in Sweden

05 Jun, 2017

Swedish company Minesto will build the first test sample of a new Deep Green type underwater periodic power unit with 10 MW capacity.

Installation of such power generator and subsequent creation of a farm with these generators will be made on the high seas at the edge of the of Holyhead Deep’s hollow, 6.5km off the coast of Anglesey, Wales, Britain.

The first test sample will include a single Deep Green device unit, seabed foundation and a surfaced moored buoy. The surfaced moored buoy will keep the cable in tension. The butterfly-generator will “pirouette” in order for the generator to always stay within a stable flow of sea water at a speed of 1.5 to 2 m/s.

An Environmental Impact Assessment carried out by Xodus Group considered the potential impacts on the environment, fisheries, marine mammals, sea birds, marine archaeology and cultural heritage as well as shipping and navigation, which were concluded to be “not significant”.

“The first test sample will be the first step on the way to the formation of a new energy technology,” said Ylva Sörqvist Hultgren, site development manager at Minesto, “In case of successful tests of the first test sample, obtaining evidence of harmlessness of technology for the environment, humanity would have at its disposal another kind of endless source of clean energy.”

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