The unique water treatment device has successfully passed the test

16 May, 2017

The rivers’ water pollution is the biggest challenge for small hydro power plants, particularly, during the spring floods. Water brings in a large amount of trash which results in turbine blades clogging and stoppage. The subsequent operational delays lead to huge financial losses.

Erik Hydro Power Plant (HPP) has found a unique solution. Based on HPP’s Chief Engineer Yuri Hovhannisyan’s design, Hrazdan TPP’s engineers and specialists have constructed a unique water treatment device that ensures Getik river’s water purification which flows into the turbine from mechanical admixtures.

The device was successfully installed on the Getik river and passed the test in February. The device has proven its effectiveness. Erik HPP’s hours of operational delay were lowered to 0 during the river flood in March-April.

“The device has a very simple structure," says the author Yuri Hovhannisyan, “the water treatment device is a curvilinear grid that keeps the trash. Grid cleaning is carried out by turbine blades that move around the circumference. The blades operate by means of an electric motor, or water flow through the shields”.

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