Researchers record highest level of CO2 emissions in history

17 Jun, 2021

Photo: DW

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) informed that the average level of carbon dioxide emissions on Earth in May 2021 was 419.13 parts per million. NOAA researcher Pieter Tans  noted that this is a new record.

A total of 419.13 parts per million are 1.82 parts more than last May and 50 percent more than the pre-industrial level (280 parts per million).

The researchers said that CO2 levels reach their peak every year in May during the flowering period in the Northern Hemisphere.

Natalie Mahowald, a climatologist at Cornell University, added that a 50-percent increase in carbon dioxide levels from pre-industrial ones is a new reality that humanity must take into account.

Mahowald also noted that CO2 emissions have somewhat reduced during the coronavirus pandemic, but not enough to slow global warming.


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