The Pope's new car is Toyota's hydrogen sedan

13 Oct, 2020

Pope Francis got a new official car. The head of the Roman Catholic Church has moved to the hydrogen Toyota Mirai sedan to elevate a public attention to environmental issues. Especially for the pontiff, Mirai was modernized: the car lost part of the roof, acquired a special frame and a footboard for security personnel.

It is impossible to confuse the “papamobil” with the usual Toyota Mirai: the car for the pontiff has a rearranged interior, instead of second-row seats a single chair is installed on a high pedestal, the usual roof is absent - a glass bulkhead is assembled around the tubular frame.
The interior is utilitarian: there are no luxury elements inside, the materials are practical, there are no electrical controls. It is possible to note only a retractable ladder for easy boarding/disembarkation, as well as unsophisticated armrests. During solemn ceremonies, the Pope will be able to communicate with the flock while standing, holding on to the handrail.

Technically, the Toyota Mirai for the Pope is no different from conventional sedans. The car is driven by a 154-horsepower (335 Nm) unit, the fuel tank holds five kilograms of hydrogen, which is enough for 500 kilometers. There are no hydrogen gas stations in the Vatican (the nearest one is 15 kilometers away), but this does not bother the pontiff. 


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