Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Eye 2019 Opening of Neutral Zone Oilfields

24 Dec, 2019

File Photo: Bloomberg

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait halted output from the jointly run oilfields - Khafji and Wafra - in the so-called Neutral Zone more than three years ago, cutting some 500,000 barrels per day or 0.5 percent of global oil supply.

As oil prices rose to a four-year high above $85 per barrel this year, Washington has been pressing its top Gulf ally Riyadh to reduce crude prices by increasing production.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Kuwait to discuss a resumption of oil output from the zone.

Oil output in the Neutral Zone, which dates back to 1920s treaties establishing regional borders, is divided equally between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The Neutral Zone is the single biggest asset in the world which was deliberately stopped and hasn’t been producing for three years.

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